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Outplacement Training

Whether you are participating in a mass layoff, restructuring your company, merging with or acquiring a new company, Kernel Associates has the most innovative and customized outplacement services in Kenya to suit your career transitions needs.

Outplacement Training makes the process of re-careering faster while limiting your liability, saving on unemployment costs, and protecting your brand.

Our Outplacement training service is an integral part of your organization’s social responsibility to manage the downsizing process and assist impacted employees transition smoothly into either new career opportunities or entrepreneurship.

  • Assist individuals exiting an organization to manage the change through Self-Awareness Coaching.
  • Ensure success in the market place through career coaching, personal branding and interviewing skills.
  • Ensure success for budding entrepreneurs through money clinic coaching.

In addition to training and coaching, we have partnered with start up incubators & business set up coaches to assist exiting employees with entrepreneurship coaching and access to subsidized office space. For those seeking opportunities in sales, we have partnered with Insurance companies to enable them to launch an insurance franchise.

Our Approach

Facilitate training and coaching, with a focus on ensuring minimal negative impacts and anxieties caused by the separation.

The training covers

1. Personal Change management

This module focuses on self-awareness; whereby individuals will be expected to undertake an assessment that will reveal their fears related to the upcoming exit, their emotional reactions; evaluate their strengths and developmental areas, occupational interests, and personality traits. The module will also give them a better appreciation of their current situation towards gaining coping mechanisms for the impending change. During the one-on-one sessions, the coach will serve as a confidant for the outplaced employees. The coaching sessions will provide both personal development support as well as professional/ business advice including distress minimization and self-assessments for self-awareness.

2. Strengthening Personal Brand & Re-Careering

Participants will evaluate their personal brand and how they can reposition the same for greater success. The training will also include the development of a job-hunting strategy, insights into the development of a powerful Curriculum Vitae (CV) as well as upskilling their interviewing capabilities. During the one-on-one sessions, the participants will evaluate their current CVs, understand the importance of accurate cover letter crafting while building a positive mindset;

3. Building Successful Enterprises

Any successful business or venture begins with a successful individual, hence tailor making this training to focus on the individual is pivotal. The training begins with personal financial empowerment, saving strategies and budgeting. The session also explores what it takes to build a successful enterprise with checklists to support the likely entrepreneur. Participants will also be exposed to possible partnerships with Financial & Corporate institutions which offer business incubation, entrepreneurship coaching, and start-up franchise options. One-on-one sessions delve deeper into personal financial planning through the Money Clinic Coaching