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Lead Associate

Wamaitha Karanja

Lead Associate & Career Ignitor

Wamaitha Wamz! Karanja is best known as a connector of people. A growth catalyst.

Kernel Associates Lead wears many hats with vast passions, chief among them being a Career Ignitor. As a Headhunter and Recruiter, she loves to ensure a good match between top talent and great-to-work-for companies. Wamz! as she’s popularly referred to, is driven to assist professionals revamp their CVs, ace Interviews and chart the path of their dream career or gain the requisite tools to re-career.

Life has thrown her a couple of curve balls and she’s turned them into revenue streams. As an Inspirational Ambassador with Pathway International, where patients are connected with global medical solutions Wamz! advocates for early detection to save lives ravaged by rare cancers. She’s a Desmoid Tumor Survivor, raised by two multiple cancer survivors. That same space saw her go into championing Mental Health Awareness, especially in the Boardroom. Wamaitha is coupling life experiences and training to serve as Trauma Debriefing Therapist & Divorce Navigation Coach.

To keep the balance seeing as she is a gifted orator, she picked up StoryTelling, merged with it being a Moderator and MC and a fun Facilitator, Trainer & Team Cohesion specialist.

Wamz! is living life with delicious ambiguity, enjoying every single season, turn and twist in her 40s.

To book a Career Ignition, A Professional Visibility session, Interview Prep, to Revamp your CV or book me for Speaking Engagements or Training services, reach out on any of the platforms that best resonates with you.

“If I can’t find it, chances are; it doesn’t exist!.”


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