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CVs & Interviews

Experiencing frustration at work due to a misalignment with your passion, key competencies, or personal values is a common challenge. This mismatch can affect both your happiness and the outcomes you achieve. While it would be ideal for everyone to discover their true calling early in life and consistently find joy in their work, the reality is often different.

Many professionals undergo career changes, with some individuals transitioning up to three times in their lifetimes and the concept of lifelong careers is no longer universally applicable. Career Mapping will help you identify your next move and get a placement in a job and career that is best suited for you and that you will truly love.

Our Approach

Career Mapping Services assists top talent either progress into other roles, re-career, shift industries or simply revamp their CV towards seeking new opportunities.

Kernel Associates also assists individuals who are sourcing for new opportunities. We work with you to re-work your current CV and coaching on actual job applications while crafting suitability statements (demonstrating why you for the role) and sharpening your interviewing skills. Our sessions may also include online assessments to better align self for new opportunities.

We do this through 5 distinct career mapping services, depending on your requirements and level of experience.

Career Ignition services are bespoke, highly individualized career growth solutions that are custom-made to a client's needs. This is a one-on-one service with certified Career Ignitor, Wamaitha Wamz! Karanja.

Interview Prep

Elevate your interview performance by mastering the art of answering the pivotal question, "Why you for the role?" Our goal is to transform you into a solution that precisely meets the hiring manager's needs in your target organization. We offer both virtual and in-person Interview Prep sessions tailored to each specific role.

Our Interview Prep services are thoughtfully structured into two (2) 40-minute sessions to comprehensively prepare you for your desired role. In these sessions, we meticulously align your profile with the role's requirements by reviewing the job description and assessing your suitability. We guide you through navigating challenging questions likely to arise during the interview. A 40-minute debrief session is promptly scheduled after the interview to reflect on the experience.

Kes. 15,000

For shortlisted candidates attending Assessment Centers, or presented with Role Play Scenarios as well as those being considered for Board Appointment interviews; these highly bespoke Interview Prep sessions are customized to address individual needs, considering the unique nature, duration and complexity of the interview process.

(Costing availed after Discovery Call)

CV Revamp, Suitability Statement Crafting & Consultation

We kick off this consultation with a brief, free of charge Discovery Call to better understand your exact career need.

We offer online consultations to assess and enhance your existing CV in alignment with your personalized career growth plan. The revamped CV is strategically crafted to highlight your achievements and portray the evolution of your professional profile.

During the consultation, we meticulously develop Suitability Statements that address the specific requirements of hiring managers, showcasing your alignment with the desired role.

Upon completion of the consultation, clients receive a comprehensive package, including a Master CV that encapsulates their entire professional journey, along with two (2) Application CVs tailored for specific job applications. Additionally, two (2) Suitability Statements are provided, ensuring a well-rounded presentation of the client's qualifications and suitability for targeted roles.

Kes. 15,000

Professional Visibility

Professional Visibility services include:

LinkedIn Optimization & Profile Revamp of existing LinkedIn accounts. Kes. 7,000

LinkedIn 5 Star Profile Set up of a new LinkedIn account. Kes. 12,500

Professional Brand Crystallization

Skills, tips and coaching on how to elevate your personal brand. A bespoke service which is preceded by a brief, free of charge Discovery Call.

Opportunity Tracker

Our comprehensive two-part session is designed to empower progressive professionals in their career pursuits: Be it when considering Relocation, Switch in Industry or Role.

Interactive Guidance Session (40 minutes):
In this engaging session, we help you figure out and apply for new opportunities or roles. The focus is sharply honed on your preferred industry and role. Through interactive discussions, we guide you in aligning your skills, experiences and aspirations with the target positions. The goal is to equip you with the insights and strategies to navigate the job market effectively.

Follow-up and Debrief Session via Email:
Soon after the initial session, we provide a thorough debrief via email. This detailed follow-up ensures that the candidate/job-seeker/upwardly mobile professional has a concise summary of the key points discussed and any additional insights or recommendations that may arise post-session. This email correspondence is a valuable resource as you continue refining your approach and pursuing the identified opportunities.

We aim to support your career progression through Opportunity Tracker (®) by sharing a spreadsheet tool which offers personalized guidance and facilitates a seamless transition toward your desired industry and role.

Kes. 21,000


Career Mapping for Execs (®) is a bespoke service developed for professionals with over 13 years' work experience, looking to transition into C-Suite roles. Career Mapping is designed to assist you if you find yourself unsatisfied in your current job, contemplating a career change, or needing more certainty about your career trajectory. By leveraging this tool, you can pinpoint your next career move and secure a job and field that aligns best with your strengths and passions, ensuring genuine fulfillment.

This specialized offering unfolds in two essential parts, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to career transition.

Part 1: Career Mapping Essentials Session (40 minutes):
This initial Face2Face or Virtual session focuses on developing crucial documents for executive transition. Professionals benefit from the creation of a Master CV, Application CVs, and the crafting of Suitability Statements, all meticulously reviewed during the session.

Part 2: Advanced Career Mapping Services:
The second segment involves the creation of a dynamic Opportunity Tracker, a vital tool for identifying and pursuing new executive opportunities. This phase also encompasses Interview Preparation coaching, equipping executives with the skills to excel in high-stakes interviews.

Post-interview, a comprehensive debriefing session is conducted. Interview Prep coaching remains available for up to 12 months from the commencement of Career Mapping for Execs (®) (CME), supporting professionals in their pursuit of up to two (2) distinct executive roles.

Embark on your executive journey with Career Mapping for Execs (®) — a service designed to elevate, empower and propel seasoned professionals towards impactful C-Suite positions.

Kes. 45,000